Our Outstanding Warranties

Prices just as Unique as we are Affordable

Customer Service

Our guarantee to you: we’ll make sure your glasses function well and that you love them. Period.

We’ll work with you until you have what’s best for your visual requirements and lifestyle.

Then, we’ll warranty them for 2 years with a 2-time lens replacement guarantee. Now that’s affordable.


Bozeman Optical warranties against manufacturers defects for 2 years (from the date of purchase) all frames we carry.

Essilor Jr. Kids Package

  • Clear or Transition Grey
  • Polycarbonate w Anti-Glare

1-Year UNLIMITED replacements for scratching your lenses

Thanks to digital technology, there is no need to surrender the frames when warrantying lenses.  Replacements are ordered and then switched out in-store!

Crizal Anti-Glare Family

All Bozeman Optical lenses (except Essilor Jr. Kids Package) come with Crizal Anti-Glare which entitles you to a 2-year, 2-time replacement for scratching your lenses.

Even better, we have a recall system to get a hold of you mid-point and at 23 months to make sure you take advantage of the value of your warranty!

Again, no need to surrender your frames when warrantying your lenses.